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Why is Boogie Bounce Such a Fantastic Workout?

When I chose to become a Boogie Bounce Instructor 5 years ago, there were several reasons I chose Boogie Bounce over other possible Fitness Class Styles. Obviously, I love the music, coming from a dance background, but more importantly for me as an instructor was how inclusive it is as a programme.

All ages, sizes and abilities can take part in the same class as everyone can easily work at their own pace as everybody has an individual working space. Not very co-ordinated? You don’t need to worry about going the opposite way to everyone else in the class as everyone stays on or around their own trampoline. Also, the music is varied so there are always songs for every generation to sing along to if they want to! You can also work at your own level, with options given where appropriate, and the ability to work harder or take some active rest, without needing to leave your trampoline.

I am also sometime asked about being too heavy for one of the mini trampolines, but they are manufactured to be suitable for up to 25 stone, so there are very few people for whom this would be an issue. In fact, boogie bounce is great for everyone as it is low impact. Bouncing on a trampoline absorbs much of the impact or shock on each bounce, thereby making this kind of exercise programme very much more attractive to those who need to avoid shocking or straining their joints, soft tissue, and skeleton. Additionally, it is a great calorie burner, so you will really see a difference after a few weeks, and then can start to add in other class styles for additional benefits.

For instructors looking for a new class to teach, the fact Boogie Bounce is lower impact, can mean it is a great complement to other classes already taught, potentially allowing more classes to be taught without injury, and extending the career of instructors who don’t want to go down the mind/body class route, for example.

Boogie Bounce is a great all-rounder; it can improve your balance and coordination, provides a good cardiovascular workout, and works several muscle groups at once. Boogie Bounce can enhance your motor skills and can help to build and maintain bone density, which is really important as we get older, as this naturally declines with age.

So, if you’ve never been to a Boogie Bounce Class before, or had forgotten how much fun it was, or even if you are a regular, check out our latest timetable and join a class very soon. If you are interested in training to become a Boogie Bounce Instructor, then please contact me for more information.

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