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Your New Customer Experience

Thank you for all your support and comments over the last year as we all find our way through this new environment. Your feedback has been invaluable in creating the best customer experience possible for you.

The good news is that the new style website, which has had lots of positive comments, is staying! There are just a few changes to the homepage and some of the functionality.

After trialling a booking system while we had fewer classes, I realised its limitations and so have now changed to a new and simplified system. Feedback on the forum which was in the members area has meant we are going to instead have a private Facebook group for members. The other change will be to the On Demand Area.

Booking System

As it’s a new booking system, you will need to sign up again (sorry), but it’s just a few details, your communication preferences, and then clicking on a link to confirm your email address. Once this is done, you’ll go straight into your members area.

The Members Area gives you the options to:

  • Start a new membership:

    • 5 Class Pass

    • Online 5 Class Pass

    • Yoga 5 Class Pass

    • Unlimited Monthly Membership

    • Online Monthly Membership

    • On Demand Membership

  • Make a Booking:

    • Takes you to the booking system where you can see at a glance the weekly timetable, and then below view the availability in specific classes and choose which class you want to book

  • Find out more about Fitness Fairy.

It also will show you what class credits you have available to you, and any classes that you have booked in the future.

The booking system works on credits, so you can purchase them in bulk or you can purchase a credit to pay for a class when you go to book it.

You can also add a profile picture, amend your personal details and ParQ, change your password, update your payment details and add another member/child to your membership.

When you go into Make A booking, if you don’t have an active membership or credit the system, will indicate what class pass you need to purchase for the class chosen and also give you options for memberships which include this class.

When you click to book a class, you will get a full explanation of the class, prior to selecting it, so you can ensure it is suitable for you.

You are unable to book a class without either an active membership or a class credit. If you have an active membership which includes the class chosen you will be able to book the class.

When you pay for a class via the system you will notice it gives you the option to purchase other items. There is a mini shop attached to the booking system, but the main shop is found on the main website home page, from the menu at the top under the tab, More.

On Demand Area

The On Demand Area shows the activities you have access to and also gives you an option to purchase the areas you don’t have access to.

The activities available include:

· Challenges

· Full Body Blast

· Yoga

· Warm Up

· Legs, Bums & Tums

· Pilates

Look out for more activities coming soon, as well as new content in the existing themes.

Private Members Facebook Group

Having incorporated a forum into the previous members area, the feedback and use indicated that, although this did allow people to communicate outside of other social media accounts, the members who were active in the forum also were on social media and found it easier to keep the interactions on their usual platform.

Therefore, as well as the current Fitness Fairy page (Link) and Fitness Fairy Family public group (Link), we will have a private, members only group for finding accountability buddies, support and more. You will receive an invitation to join directly and ask that you don’t share it with others as the group is for paying members only. General information will be shared on the public pages as has always been the case.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback, and am here to help if you have any problems finding your way around the new system.

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