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At the heart of the new website and functionality available in the new Member Area is the MyZone Belt. We gave a brief introduction to it with our competition to win a MyZone Belt, but here we will go into more detail about it, and why we, and many other top gyms around the country, have chosen to partner with MyZone.

Fitness tracking has become a massive trend over the last few years, with the development of entry level, simple to use, trackers. However, there has always been a trade off between accuracy and ease of use/cost. MyZone has changed that.

MyZone is 99.4% accurate as it uses a chest strap, rather than monitoring heart rate via the wrist. It is more easily able to track how your heart rate is changing during a workout, and with the other details you enter into the app, it is able to give accurate readings on effort live, and also calories being expended. Therefore, it is the best option if you want to train as smartly as possible and to reach your goals in the minimum time safely possible.

But it’s not just about you as an individual; if you enjoy the step challenges that you can participate in with trackers such as Fitbit, then you can do even more with MyZone. You can use the app to connect with your friends, family and fitness buddies, so you can share workouts and activity, and therefore motivate each other. It’s even better than step-based challenges as all activity is more easily recorded (have you ever been frustrated that your weights workout didn’t seem to register on your tracker? That won’t happen anymore!)

And don’t forget, the more fun something is, the easier it is to create and stick to a habit. MyZone will help your fitness become more of a game and more enjoyable; you collect points for the effort you put into your workouts, and these are age and fitness-ability related, so you can easily compare with your friends, and improve your ranking (whilst more importantly, improving your health and fitness).

The MyZone M3 Belt is designed to track your activity, whenever and wherever you want. It provides live effort feedback anytime you are wearing it. You can train on the go as it has a built-in memory (you don’t have to tell it you are about to start a workout).

MyZone uses a coloured zone system to give you instant feedback on how much effort you are putting into your workout, so it is easy to see if you need to work harder, or even ease off a little to be able to perform safely and effectively throughout a workout. Depending which zone you are in, depends how many points you are awarded. Your zone is calculated every minute, so it really does give you a fantastic record of your effort during a session.

Your MyZone Belt is linked to your MyZone App which tracks your activity and displays it live for you. It also stores your history so you can see how you are improving over time and compare the scores for the same workout over time. The app is also where you can take part in challenges and share your workouts with your chosen connections.

Your MyZone module is rechargeable via a special USB cable which you need to connect to a PC for charging. To prolong the time between charging, it is advised to remove the central module from the belt when not in use.

So long as you link your MyZone belt to your Fitness Fairy Member account (register with facility code FIFAUK001), then all your activities will also automatically be fed into the website (once linked), so you can take part in the challenges and league tables specifically for the Fitness fairy Family.

So, who’s ready to take their fitness to the next level of fun, and work smarter, not just harder? Check out the Fitness Fairy Shop for the latest price and offers on the MyZone M3 belt (First 10 purchases £59.99 instead of RRP £129.99).

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