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Welcome to your New Website, App, Member Forum, and more; all in one place!

Why am I so excited about this launch? Well in this blog I am going to tell you why and take you on a guided tour!

Firstly, why is this new website better than previous websites I have provided you with? For me, one of the biggest things I wanted to provide was a MEMBER FORUM, an area on the website for the Fitness Fairy Family to talk, share ideas, experiences, meet friends, and more. All the things that we have missed since March when we had to stop physical classes, and even now with face to face teaching recommencing, isn’t easy to do.

But we have Facebook, some of you may say…. But you may not realise that a lot of people don’t have Facebook accounts, and don’t want them, so our Fitness Fairy Facebook Group is much smaller than our active membership. I wanted to provide something for everyone, easy to use, and just for all things Fitness Fairy related. How many of you go onto Facebook to read a notification, and then 30 minutes later are still scrolling through your newsfeed? It’s ok, it’s been designed to get you to do that, but by taking our group off other social media channels, we are in control of just reading what we went in to read!

Secondly, the new website can be accessed via a web browser, but I am also really excited by the smartphone App you are able to download when you sign up to the website. The content is almost exactly the same whether you view through a web browser or the App, but the App is so easy to use – I think you’re going to love it as much as I do (and I really do love it!

There are three Purple Buttons on the website now, to access the most important areas:

· Members on the Left-Hand Side, where you can create you account and then each time afterwards, log in.

· Book Online on the top Right-Hand Side, which is where you can find out what classes, both in-person and live online are available, and book them. (You will be prompted to log in/sign up if necessary.)

· Forum on the Left-Hand Side below the Members button where you can access the discussions/questions and more. (Access to different areas within the Forum depends on your membership level.)

Creating an account on the new website is simple; you can use an email address and set a password or sign up using your Gmail or Facebook details. Once you’ve got your account set up, you can edit your “Profile” to say a little bit about you, add a photo or graphic etc so it’s easy for people to get to know you, or realise who you are, if they know you to look at, but not by name!

Obviously one of the essential sections is “My Bookings” where you can see your upcoming classes, and a historical record of past classes. Once you Book Online via the purple button, it will show here.

You can securely save cards to pay for items in “My Wallet” should you choose to; handy especially if you are a pay as you go customer.

There is also a “My Orders” tab where you can see the order status of any current order, along with your past purchases. If you don’t have any current orders, don’t worry, there is a link to the “Shop” from this page too, so you can go direct to see what is currently available via our shop (note that classes are paid for via Book Online and/or selecting a Pricing Plan rather than through the shop).

And now we come to some of the features I am really excited about.

When you comment on any Forum Post, you will be able to follow responses via the “Forum Comments” section of the member area, so no need to search through all the posts if you’re not sure where you have commented.

Similarly, when you start a forum post, yes you can do that (whether it is a discussion post or asking a question), it will then appear in your account under “Forum Posts”.

Do you ever read a blog, and have a question about something you have read? Well, why not ask that question in the comments section under each blog, and your comment will show under “Blog Comments” so you can see the response if appropriate.

I don’t know about you, but some blogs I read, and want to read then again, and refer back to them, but you bookmark them or save them in another way, and never end up going back to revisit them. We’ve got this sorted too; when you like a blog, it then appears in your member section under “Blog Likes” so you can easily go back to it any time!

I mentioned the App above; when you sign up, you will find a link to download it in the forum. To make it even easier to find, once you have the app installed on your smartphone you can create a Fitness Fairy Shortcut so that our logo is what you are looking for on your smartphone. (Instructions on how to do this are in the forum where you find the link for the App itself.)

One area of the App which I am really looking forward to getting members using, is the “My Challenges” area. If you have a Fitbit, you may be used to doing challenges, either on your own, or with friends, and this is building on this idea. It’s great as you don’t have to have a Fitbit to get involved. To get everyone started, I have created a Launch Challenge, with a week’s worth of 15-minute workouts for you to do. After this initial challenge, you will need to have a monthly membership to take part, or pay a small fee to join in. My aim is to give you some extra motivation when you are unable to get to a live class. Look out for more information on challenges over the coming weeks and months!

With both the web browser version and App you can decide whether to get notifications when new content is added, people comment on your post or reply to a comment you have made etc. With the web browser these will show in your account and also can be sent to your email address, and you can decide whether to allow the app to send you notifications direct to your phone or not. Another function you have available to you, like social media channels, is to Follow others. (You are told how many people follow you, and how many you follow.) There is also a chat box, which is a similar idea to messenger on Facebook, and works particularly well on the App if you want to talk to us. It works on the website, but as there may be a delay in responding, if you leave the website, you may lose the chat trail.

Whilst this website is not complete, it is still offering a more full customer experience to anything I have offered in the past, and so please do take the time to take a look around the public area, and sign into the member area so you can continue to book classes etc. If you have any questions, please do drop them in the comments below the blog, and we will respond to you as soon as we can. Remember if you have a question about something, no doubt other people will also have the same question, so don’t stay silent. No question is ever a stupid question, but if you prefer you can contact us via the Forum, contact form or email. Should we need to, we will create a FAQ section in the Forum to answer common questions.

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