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Exercise From Home

As we find ourselves having to adapt to the new rules, we can’t keep putting parts of our life on hold until we can go back to our old ways. Yes, there will be a time when many things will be as they were before the pandemic, but we also need to live the best life we can now.

The fitness industry has had to react quickly to the new situation we are all in, and it’s the same for everyone who usually attends classes or the gym, for example. Technology is helping us keep in touch so much, and this technology, once simply used by businesses, now is able to bring your instructor and your fellow class members to your home. Indeed, one of my favourite parts of my current classes is when I unmute everyone at the end of the class so that they can all have a chat, as they would at the end of any class I have taught in the past. We all know that one of the benefits of fitness classes is social interaction; well it’s still there, albeit in a slightly different form.

  • Boogie Bounce is pretty much the same as it was when we came to classes in a hall, for those that were able to obtain a trampoline to join in, but for the majority of other classes, the format has had to change slightly. Not only are you as class members restricted by the space where you live, so are we as instructors!! Routines, choreography and exercises are all taking into account the likely space available, and that it is different following a class via a screen to being in a room with other participants.

  • So, what do you need to exercise at home? Not a lot, is the answer! It depends to an extent on what you want to do.

  • Most of our classes only require a mat (or towel) and a small amount of space. Depending what you have to hand, there may be different alternatives you can do, and other workouts you can do in addition to following ours.

  • If possible, you want to create your workout space in an area which isn’t in use when you want to exercise; this eliminates one of the excuses!

  • The ideal space would be able to fit a yoga or camping mat in either direction to give you space to move.

  • Also ensure there isn’t a light fitting in the way when you stretch your arms above you head or jump.

  • Think about any fragile items which would be better moved elsewhere so that you can enjoy your workout without worrying about things being accidentally broken.

  • Try and store your equipment (mat) close by where possible.

  • Think about ventilation, especially with the warmer weather we were enjoying; open windows and use a fan if necessary. Also ensure that you always have a water bottle to hand to stay hydrated.

  • Try to ensure the flooring isn’t slippery; children’s interlocking foam play mats could be an option to consider if you have some to hand.

  • As for what technology you need, being able to view on a larger screen is ideal; many people use a laptop or tablet, but if nothing else is available, then classes can be viewed on a smartphone. Remember some classes are pre-recorded and so you just view them, and other classes are done live, so not only can you see the instructor, the instructor can see you using the front camera in your device, and give feedback to help you work more effectively and harder!!!

Classes can be booked in the usual way, so what are you waiting for? Book a class today, and I will see you “virtually” very soon.

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